Gina Cavalier


First, I am a caring human who is very interested in elevating myself and the people around me.  My passion is storytelling and that can be in a book, a script or a single image. My stories are all original and I have many from fantasy, drama, and comedy. I have also worked at Warner Bros. with a great bunch of people who are always pushing me to the next level. My goal is to continue writing and never stopping. I have a keen ability for development and what the masses are interested in; I’ve worked in the entertainment industry since 2000 starting at The Walt Disney Studios. I have had the pleasure of working on every part of the entertainment realm from concept to completion to digital media, branding and beyond.  But, I stopped making millions for others and decided to get my ideas out and on my own – writing is my deepest passion. Each property is carefully selected to not only entertain ALL AGES but that can easy transfer to screen.  I have the talent, the experience and the drive.  I am very interested in building series materials such as, Harry Potter, Expendables, Spiderwick Chronicles, Dr. Seuss properties, and Tim Burton properties to give you an example.  If you have a book and need an illustrator I would be happy to discuss a cross collaboration or a for work-for-hire relationship.  Don’t be shy, just connect.  If you want to see my work resume you can go to LINKED IN.

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