How I Became Santa Claus by Gina Cavalier, Edited by Jeanette DePatie


A mystical magical story outlines the early childhood history of Santa Claus.


Have you ever wondered where Santa Claus came from?  If he was a mortal man, then he once had a family and a history.  What would that history mean to the would be Jolly Old Elf?  Would he have to leave his family and friends to become the Guardian of Christmas and protector of children’s dreams?  What other sacrifices would he need to endure?

Santas are not made, they are chosen. A mysterious oracle predicts that the next Santa will come from a small coal-mining town.  In a workshop in this mountain town is a treasured “snowman filled with sand”.  Will Nick pick up the snowman and take up the mantle required for the new Santa? Even with destiny, everyone has freewill and a choice.  As Nick ponders his decision, time is ticking away.   The old Santa had to renounce position, and without him, Santa’s kingdom is vulnerable to attack by dark forces eager to wipe Santa’s existence from memory and enslave his magical creatures.  Join us on Nick’s journey and meet all the magical creatures that help him make his fateful decision.  Fifty-one hand-drawn illustrations tell a delightful story of hope, dreams, and magic.

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