Love It! 234 Inspirations and Activities to Help You Love Your Body


234 activities and inspirations to help you love the skin you’re in, lovingly illustrated with hand-drawn illustrations by Toni Tails.


By Ragen Chastain, Jeanette DePatie, Pia Schiavo-Campo and Illustrated by Toni Tails.

This little book of affirmations is filled with 234 activities and inspirations to help you love your body. Readers may choose to do the affirmations one at a time or many at once–in the order listed or in no particular order whatsoever–whatever they feel is best for them. Brimming with thoughtful advice from the authors Jeanette DePatie, Ragen Chastain and Pia Sciavo-Campo as well as dozens of other notable names from the body love movement, the book is lovingly illustrated with diverse drawings from size-positive artist Toni Tails.

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