Ragen Chastain


Ragen Chastain is a trained researcher, three-time National Champion dancer and marathoner who writes and speaks full-time about self-esteem, body image, and health. Ragen is the author of the blog DancesWithFat, the book Fat: The Owner’s Manual,  editor of the anthology “The Politics of Size,” and serves on the Editorial Board for Fat Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight and Societ.y Her writing has been published internationally and she has been a guest on news programs on every major network in the US, and many across the globe.

Ragen is a feature interviewee in the documentaries “America the Beautiful 2 – The Thin Commandments” (Warner Brothers,) “A Stage for Size” (USC Films,) “Ragen’s More Cabaret” (PBS Independent Lens.) Ragen is the co-founder of the Fit Fatties Forum, and in her free time she is training for her second marathon and her first IRONMAN triathlon.

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