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Welcome to Fit Fatties Around the World!  Join us as we swim, bike, dance, roll, hike, garden and generally boogie around this big fat world of ours.  We’ll add up all our “miles” and have a big party when we hit that 24,901 mile goal of ours.  Remember, you can do any activity you like.  If your activity doesn’t really involve distance (like wheelchair basketball, gardening or chair dancing) use our handy Activity Calculator below.  Once you’ve got your miles calculated, just enter them into the entry form below and hit enter.  Our cumulative miles are listed below.  (Every Friday we’ll post a little video to show you how far we’ve come.)

NOTE: It takes a while for the total miles counter to update.  Don’t worry, even if it doesn’t show up right away, your miles are being counted.

So join one and all as we Fit Fatties encircle the globe!

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