Body Love Obstacle Course–Power Circle Edition


Power version of the Body Love Obstacle Course with live calls and private coaching.

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Course Re-opens January 1, 2019

The way we feel about our bodies affects every area of our lives – relationships, career, health and more. The Body Love Obstacle Course (BLOC) is a 10-week, proven, step-by-step program that will give you the tools, coaching, and community to create a rock solid foundation of self-esteem and body love, and teach you the strategies and skills you’ll need to leverage that to create the life you’ve always wanted no matter what obstacles the world puts in your way.

Our relationships with our bodies don’t happen in a vacuum, so just learning to see our beauty isn’t going to cut it.  On our journey to body love and amazing lives, the world throws obstacles in our way – obstacles that aren’t our fault, but become our problem.  We’ll teach you practical, realistic, proven strategies to go above, around, and through the obstacles that the world puts in front of you, to get to the life you’ve always wanted.

Last year 30 people participated in the first ever Body Love Obstacle Course. Some joined on the live calls, and some self-paced using the recordings. Based on their feedback, we’ve created two separate options – the BLOC Power Circle, and the BLOC e-Course

BLOC Power Circle option is for people who are ready to really jump in and play hard! The Intensive is limited to 10 people, and we are looking for people who are ready to do the work, support each other, and make serious shifts fast. The BLOC Power Circle includes:

  • Five bi-weekly two-hour coaching calls (see schedule below for full curriculum)
    • Dates for the 2019 calls are TBD.
    • Recordings will be available for you to listen again, or if there is an emergency and you have to miss the call, but we ask that if you choose to join the Power Circle, you commit to being on the calls
  • Bi-weekly homework assignments
    • Targeted exercises that help you take the concepts we talk about on the coaching calls and use them to make practical shifts and changes in your own life
  • Five bi-weekly one-hour Q&A calls
    • On these calls we’ll talk about things that come up during the homework, places where you might feel stuck or be having issues, and extra tips and tricks
    • Call dates and times are TBD.
  • Moderated Facebook Group
    • This is a secret group containing only the members of the intensive as well as Ragen and Jeanette, you can get real-time crowd-sourced support from the community and from the BLOC coaches
  • Tip of the Day e-mail
    • This will be a tip each week day during the BLOC to help keep you motivated and on track
  • Hard copy and E-book: Love it! 234 Inspirations and Activities to Love Your Body by Ragen Chastain, Jeanette DePatie, and Pia Schiavo-Campo
  • One 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with Ragen or Jeanette

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