Zany New Senior Exercise DVD Uses Wacky Music, Feather Boas, and Temporary Tattoos to Show Seniors (Including Santa) that EveryBODY Can Exercise!

November 25, 2018 Los Angeles, CA.

20-year veteran licensed fitness instructor and body positive activist Jeanette DePatie (AKA The Fat Chick) recently met up with Santa to talk about getting fit for the holiday season.  Santa stated that he prepares for his big night with Jeanette’s new exercise video EveryBODY Can Exercise: Senior Edition. In this short video, Santa shares his need to ramp up for the big day. Delivering billions of presents in a single night requires a fair amount of functional fitness and stamina.

Santa and Jeanette had an awful lot of fun creating the promo video.  Click here to view it:

Jeanette and Santa are both very excited about physical fitness and both are available, despite their very busy holiday schedules, for interviews and appearances to spread the word about how fitness is the best gift you can give yourself or anyone else.

“Well Santa certainly qualifies as a senior citizen,” said DePatie.  “And for a guy who’s hundreds of years old, he gets around pretty well.  I’m pretty pleased with the level of functional fitness he’s been able to maintain.”

“I had to get a special pedometer to count my steps,” said Santa.  “My numbers on Christmas Eve are literally off the charts.  And I owe it all to cookies, Christmas spirit and EveryBODY Can Exercise: Senior Edition.”

The new DVD, created in partnership with Amalgam Content Productions, features more than one hour of exercise routines set to 15 songs in styles including country, blues, big band, jazz, rock, Irish, island, a chicken song and one notable kazoo number.  Twenty enthusiastic senior exercisers, sporting feather boas, cowboy hats, leis, roses and some very sassy temporary tattoos, dance along with Jeanette leading the way.  Santa thinks this stocking stuffer would make the perfect gift for yourself or any other seniors in your life.  The new DVD, EveryBODY Can Exercise: Senior Edition, is available at

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