Rock the Road! Race Training Program


5K, 10K or 25K self-customized training program.


Introducing a self-customized plan designed to get you from wherever you are to anywhere you want to go.

We created the Rock the Road! Race Training program in response to frustrations we heard about one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter training programs that either started beyond where people were, stopped before they were ready, or didn’t support them along the way.

Enter the Rock the Road! Race Training program. Whether you are walking, running, or rolling, this plan is completely customized to start exactly where you are, and take you anywhere you want to go (even if that goal changes!)

How it Works:

You make a single, one-time payment, and then you’ll receive  all the information you need to create your custom training program including the Rock the Block exercise, the Run/Roll/Recover exercise, the Training Customizer, and the step by step instructions for what to do (don’t worry, it’s super simple!)

You’ll begin with our “Rock the Block” exercise which will help you determine your starting point. If you want to add intervals to increase your speed, we have four options including our Run/Roll Recover test which will create intervals completely customized to where you are now.

Plus, you’ll get 26 weeks of support, encouragement, and information through weekly e-mails!

This product is really a great companion to the December and January Virtual Events!

Program Creators:

Jeanette DePatie–ACE  Certified Fitness Coach and Senior Citizens specialist, marathoner and triathlete with over 20 years experience helping people of varying ages, shapes, sizes and abilities learn to love their bodies and love exercise again.

Ragen Chastain – ACE Certified Health Coach and Functional Fitness Trainer, 3-time National Dance Champion, Two-time marathoner (holds the Guinness World Record for Heaviest Woman to Complete a Marathon,) triathlete training for her first IRONMAN.

Together Ragen and Jeanette founded Fit Fatties, a Facebook group with 5,000+ members who discuss all kinds of fitness from a weight neutral perspective.

They also host Body Love Virtual Events – super flexible events that help motivate people to reach their movement goals with shiny, shiny medals!

They both passionately believe that, while noBODY is obligated to exercise, everyBODY should be welcome!  Come join in the fun!



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